Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Vote Jones

Calling all UK Orange Broadband users, please rush along to and vote for Chalet Girl’s own Felicity Jones to win this year’s Bafta Rising Star Award.

It’s a strong field – Hiddleston and Chastain have had great years, too – but Felicity is surely the stand-out name on the list.  Not just for the miraculous work she did on Chalet Girl (packing such depth into a role that could, in other hands, have been waffer theen) but for all the striking dramatic performances she has given over the last four or five years.  Whenever she’s on screen, that’s where you’re looking.  What is that, if not white hot talent?  I’ve seen her in Cheerful Weather for the Wedding and there are moments that leave you (left me) genuinely short of breath.  She’s also got to be one of the hardest working actors around at the moment, and long may that continue. 

Incidentally, what’s with the whole ‘only being able to vote if you’re an Orange Broadband user’?  Does that mean the winner is going to be chosen from among the twelve people in the country eligible to vote?  Seems a little unfair.  When I tried to vote anyway I was given the reply “Unfortunately it looks like your not and Orange customer, so your vote cant be counted.”  Just the three typos in that sentence then.  Nice work Orange, makes me want to rush out and bring your (or should that be you’re) quality services into my home.

Lamp post update – delivered on my corporate job, galloping towards a Her Royal Spyness rewrite delivery by Christmas, then lining up the new lamp posts for the new year.

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